Diary of the ECDI Field school Mornington Peninsula 6-19 Feb 2022

“It’s been a long road getting to today with planning and CoVID postponements but the first ANU Archaeology Field school for a couple of years is underway with an amazing group of students, on the Mornington Peninsula.” Ben Shaw The field school took students to the Mornington Peninsula for two weeks, working across two fieldContinue reading “Diary of the ECDI Field school Mornington Peninsula 6-19 Feb 2022”

ECDI Field school—Mornington Peninsula

With an ongoing pandemic and constantly changing restrictions delaying his plans for a 2021 field school in Papua New Guinea, ECDI Research Fellow Ben Shaw turned to options for a domestic field experience. After six months of organising, he has pulled together a two-week field trip to the Mornington Peninsula, scheduled for September 2021. IfContinue reading “ECDI Field school—Mornington Peninsula”

Investigating the Evolution of Cultural Diversity

The Evolution of Cultural Diversity Initiative (ECDI) unites researchers from multiple disciplines and institutions to investigate how Oceania came to be the most culturally and linguistically diverse region on the globe. ECDI Research Fellow Ben Shaw reflects on this effort and describes how the field school he has proposed will further the mission of theContinue reading “Investigating the Evolution of Cultural Diversity”