In Press

Bromham, L. (in press). Solving Galton’s problem: practical solutions for analysing language diversity and evolution. Historical Linguistics.

Kealy, S., Donnellan, S., Mitchell, K., Herrera, M., Aplin, K., O’Connor, S., & Louys, J. (in press). Phylogenetic relationships of the cuscuses (Diprotodontia: Phalangeridae) of Island Southeast Asia and Melanesia based on the mitochondrial ND2 gene. Australian Mammalogy.

Passmore, S., & Watts, J. In Press. WEIRD People and The Western Church: Who made whom? Religion, Brain & Behavior.

Rowland, M., Shaw, B., & Ulm, S. (in press). Maritime island and coastal societies of Australia and New Guinea. In Oxford Handbook of the Archaeology of Australia and New Guinea.

Shaw, B., & Coxe, S. (in press). Cannibalism and developments to socio-political systems from 540 BP in the Massim islands of southeast Papua New Guinea.

Shipton, C., O’Connor, S., Reepmeyer, C., Kealy, S., & Jankowski, N. (in press). Shell Adzes, Exotic Obsidian, and Inter-Island Voyaging in the Terminal Pleistocene and Holocene of Wallace. Journal of Island and Coastal Archaeology.



Evans, N. 2022. Words of Wonder: Endangered Languages and What They Tell Us. 2nd ed. Wiley-Blackwell.

Book chapters

Bedford, S. 2022. Archives, oral traditions and archaeology: Dissonant narratives concerning punitive expeditions on Malakula Island, Vanuatu. In G. Clark and M. Lister (eds). Archaeological Perspectives on Conflict and Warfare in Australia and the Pacific. Pp. 211-225. Terra Australis 54. Canberra: ANU Press.

Journal articles

Adeleye, M., Connor, S., Herbert, A. & Haberle, S. 2022. Toward the saving of global rainforests. Global Change Biology.

Bedford, S., M. Spriggs, J. Flexner & A. Naupa. 2022. Grassroots badly burnt: the loss of ni-Vanuatu archaeologists whose careers spanned 50 years. Journal of Pacific Archaeology 13(1): EPUB: Ahead of Print.

Bromham, L. 2022. Meaning and Purpose: Using Phylogenies to Investigate Human History and Cultural Evolution. Biological Theory.

Field, J., Shaw, B., & Summerhayes, G. 2022. Pathways to the Interior: Human settlement in the Simbai-Kaironk Valleys of the Madang Province, PNG. Australian Archaeology 88(1): 2-17.

Frieman, C. & Lewis, J. 2022. Trickle down innovation? Creativity and innovation at the margins. World Archaeology.

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James, H., S. Adams, M. Willmes, K. Mathison, A. Ulrichsen, R. Wood, A. Valera, C. Frieman, & R. Grün. 2022. A large-scale environmental strontium isotope baseline map of Portugal for archaeological and paleoecological provenance studies.  Journal of Archaeological Science 142:105595.

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McBride, E., Wallis, L., Hopf, F., Haberle, S. & Dardengo, M. 2022. Demonstrating the potential of amberat middens for understanding late Quaternary palaeoenvironments in the Central Pilbara, Western Australia. Quaternary International.

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Souilmi, Y., Tobler, R., Johar, A., Teixeria, J., et al. 2022. Admixture has obscured signals of historical hard sweeps in humans. Nat Ecol Evol.

Sterelny, K. 2022. Ethnography, Archaeology and The Late Pleistocene. Philosophy of Science, 1-39. 

Other works

O’Shannessy. C. 2022. Ketyeye akweke angkentye akaltye-irreme | Kurdu-kurdu kuja kalu yimi pina-jarrimi  Little Kids Learning Languages app.

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