ECDI Update: December 2021 activities

This is a monthly update about the Evolution of Cultural Diversity Initiative (ECDI) activities and upcoming events. News 1,500 endangered languages at high risk, ANU media release What is the future of the world’s linguistic diversity?, Ecology & Evolution ‘More than words’: Australia urged to lift its game in preserving Indigenous languages, The Australian LanguagesContinue reading “ECDI Update: December 2021 activities”

ECDI Update: November 2021 activities

This is a monthly update about the Evolution of Cultural Diversity Initiative (ECDI) activities and upcoming events. News Meet new ECDI researcher Ray Tobler Meet new ECDI researcher Joao Teixeira A fascinating tale from Futuna Island: Repatriating ancestral remains after 56 years Check out the stories about Shimona Kealy (p42-45) & Ben Shaw (p64-65) in the newContinue reading “ECDI Update: November 2021 activities”

RSB Directors Seminar 8 Nov

This seminar is part of RSB Directors Seminar Series Seminar: Interdisciplinary adventures in language evolution: exploring the past, present and future of language diversity Speaker: Lindell Bromham When: 8 Nov 2021, 12.30pm-1.30pm AEDT More details here This is an online event and will be hosted via Zoom. Abstract: The past decade has seen a flowering of collaboration between evolutionary biologists and linguists. UsefulContinue reading “RSB Directors Seminar 8 Nov”

Congratulations to ECDI’s Lindell Bromham

Congratulations to Lindell Bromham, Felicity Meakins, Xia Hua and Cassandra Algy who are the winners of the 2021 Eureka Prize for Excellence in Interdisciplinary Scientific Research. Bringing together an Indigenous community member, linguist, mathematician and biologist, this team is studying Gurindji, an Indigenous language of northern Australia. Their research is developing new ways to understandContinue reading “Congratulations to ECDI’s Lindell Bromham”

Meet Ray Tobler

Two broad and interrelated concerns currently motivate ECDI Research Fellow Ray Tobler’s research. One is an interest in historical questions around the evolution and movement of people in Island Southeast Asia, Australia and New Guinea — and how this history informs our understanding of the region’s immense diversity. The other is applying knowledge of humanContinue reading “Meet Ray Tobler”

Evolution of Cultural Diversity Initiative PhD Scholarship

Applications close 11 October 2021 Each year the School of Culture History and Language (“School”) in the ANU College of Asia and the Pacific may offer an award known as the Evolution of Cultural Diversity Initiative PhD Scholarship (“Award”). Funding for this Award has been provided by the Commonwealth of Australia’s National Institutes Grant. TheContinue reading “Evolution of Cultural Diversity Initiative PhD Scholarship”

SYNAPSE Seminar 6 Sept

This seminar is part of SYNAPSE: The CHL trans-disciplinary seminar series Seminar: How useful is the ‘hunter-gatherer’ label in explaining the diversification of Indigenous Australian societies? Speaker: Laurent Dousset When: 6 Sept 2021, 4pm-5.30pm AEST Registration via Eventbrite This is an online event and will be hosted via Zoom; Login details for the Zoom event will be includedContinue reading “SYNAPSE Seminar 6 Sept”

Meet João Teixeira

Research Fellow João Teixeira will commence his DECRA fellowship at ECDI in the second half of 2021, as he returns to Australia from his native Portugal. João’s academic interests lie in the demographic and adaptive history of the human species. By analysing the DNA of contemporary populations from Indonesia, New Guinea and Australia, João’s DECRAContinue reading “Meet João Teixeira”

ECDI is hiring!

Applications close 23 September 2021 The goal of this position is to advance our understanding of the evolution of cultural diversity in Melanesia, by developing methods to integrate the different data and models furnished by a wide range of disciplines, each giving us a partial insight into the region’s deep human past. The successful candidateContinue reading “ECDI is hiring!”

ECDI Field school—Mornington Peninsula

With an ongoing pandemic and constantly changing restrictions delaying his plans for a 2021 field school in Papua New Guinea, ECDI Research Fellow Ben Shaw turned to options for a domestic field experience. After six months of organising, he has pulled together a two-week field trip to the Mornington Peninsula, scheduled for September 2021. IfContinue reading “ECDI Field school—Mornington Peninsula”