Evolution of Cultural Diversity Initiative PhD Scholarship

Applications close 27 November 2020

The ANU’s Evolution of Cultural Diversity Initiative is offering a fully funded competitive PhD scholarship stipend with tuition fee remission for 3.5 years, with generous support provisions, for applicants of Pacific Islander heritage, with a preference for citizens of Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu or the Solomon Islands (citizens of Australia, New Zealand or the United States are excluded). 

The ANU’s Evolution of Cultural Diversity Initiative (ECDI) has been established as a hub for trans-disciplinary research. The Initiative will adapt and apply methodological and theoretical advances from a spread of disciplinary fields in the sciences and humanities and apply these to a wide range of case studies in order to understand the evolution of cultural diversity – primarily in northern Australia and its immediate Melanesian neighbours, but with global application. The central aim of the Initiative is to understand the drivers and processes underpinning the full span of human history in the Asia-Pacific region, from initial human settlement through to the contemporary present. Further details on the Evolution of Cultural Diversity Initiative are available on the ECDI website at evolutionofculturaldiversity.anu.edu.au/about-ecdi/

Applicants must already be under consideration for admission, or be eligible for admission to the ANU’s PhD program in one of the disciplinary fields contributing to the Evolution of Cultural Diversity Initiative (Anthropology, Archaeology, Evolutionary Biology, Genetics, History, Linguistics, Palaeoecology, and Philosophy of Evolution). Applicants who have not yet applied for admission to the ANU should submit a CV and relevant academic transcripts. All applicants should also submit a statement, of a maximum of 2 pages in length, outlining how their proposed research focus engages the central goals and objectives of the Evolution of Cultural Diversity Initiative. 

Applications are due by 17:00 (AEST) on 27 November 2020, and should be submitted to the ECDI Administrator at joanne.allen@anu.edu.au. Further details of the scholarship can be found at www.anu.edu.au/study/scholarships/find-a-scholarship/evolution-of-cultural-diversity-initiative-phd-scholarship. Please contact the ECDI Director, Prof Nick Evans, for more information at nicholas.evans@anu.edu.au  

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