Shimona Kealy

Shimona is an archaeologist and palaeobiologist with a key interest in the early movements of people, cultures, and animals throughout the islands of the Asia-Pacific. In particular, the patterns of occupation & cultures in island communities over the last ~50,000 years in Wallacea, and the biological & ecological impacts of early human arrival on islands.

Shimona works with geographic information systems (GIS), palaeogeographic reconstruction, biogeographic modelling, and phylogenetic analysis to explore the palaeo-archipelagos north of Australia and the people and animals who lived there. Her research currently involves archaeological surveys and excavations in Indonesia and Timor-Leste, as well as multidisciplinary projects combining archaeology with molecular and morphological phylogenetics to investigate possible prehistoric translocations of animals to Asia-Pacific islands.

Shimona is also dedicated to building on the network of collaborative research & training between Indonesia and Australia with a particular focus on the disciplines of Archaeology, Palaeontology, and Biology.

Research area/theme
Ontogeny, Culture and Socialisation
Consilience and Cartography
Detecting Remote Historical Signal
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Book Chapters

O’Connor, S., Kealy, S., McWilliam, A., Brockwell, S., Wattimena, L., Ririmasse, M., Mahirta, Alifah, Pannell, S., Hawkins, S., Husni, M., & Tanudirjo, D. 2020. Surveys of fortified sites in Southern Wallacea. In O’Connor, McWilliam & Brockwell (ed). Forts and Fortification in Wallacea: Archaeological and Ethnohistoric Investigations. Terra Australis 53. Canberra: ANU Press. pp. 249-281.

Journal Articles

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Kealy, S., Donnellan, S.C., Mitchell, K.J., Herrera, M., Aplin, K., O’Connor, S., Louys, J. (in press). Phylogenetic relationships of the cuscuses (Diprotodontia: Phalangeridae) of Island Southeast Asia and Melanesia based on the mitochondrial ND2 gene. Australian Mammalogy.

Shipton, C., O’Connor, S., Reepmeyer, C., Kealy, S., Jankowski, N. (in press). Shell Adzes, Exotic Obsidian, and Inter-Island Voyaging in the Terminal Pleistocene and Holocene of Wallacea. Journal of Island and Coastal Archaeology.

Langley, M., O’Connor, S., Kealey, S. & Mahirta. 2021. Fishhooks, lures and sinkers: Intensive manufacture of marine technology from the terminal pleistocene at Makpan Cave, Alor Island, Indonesia. Journal of Island and Coastal Archaeology.

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