Alpheaus Graham Zobule

The founder and Executive Director of Kulu Language Institute (Solomon Islands). The founder and formerly Executive Director of (now Advisor to) Islands Bible Ministries (Solomon Islands). In the last more than 20 years, he has been writing course modules and training nationals in the Solomon Islands in English Grammar, Writing Skills, Bible, Biblical languages (Hebrew, Greek), Translation and Luqa Language. He has worked as a translation consultant to a number of translation projects in Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands, and now a primary translation consultant to seven (7) translation projects in the Solomon Islands. A native of Luqa in the Solomon Islands, he has invented a Luqa metalanguage to describe the grammar of Luqa language in Luqa and has established a vibrant community language movement in the Kubokota and Luqa areas of Ranonga Island in the Solomon Islands. Now working on a second PhD (now in linguistics) to document the vernacular metalanguage. His PhD project titled Developing and documenting a system for using the Luqa vernacular as its own grammatical metalanguage, and its use by Luqa speakers to study and analyze their own language in the Solomon Islands is supervised by Prof Nick Evans.

Alpheaus holds a PhD (Union Seminary, VA, USA, 2008). His PhD dissertation is entitled: A Critical Analysis of the Old Greek Translation of Amos 1-5: Testing the “Semantic Situations and Paths” (SSP) Model. He holds a MA in Theology (Trinity Theological College, Singapore, 2003), a MA in Biblical Exegesis and Linguistics (Dallas Theological Seminary, USA, 1996), and a BSc in Mechanical Engineering (University of Kansas, USA, 1991).

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