João Teixeira

João C. Teixeira is an ARC DECRA Fellow within the School of Culture, History and Language at The Australian National University, and affiliate of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Australian Biodiversity and Heritage. His research combines population genetics, ancient DNA, bioinformatics, statistics and anthropology to study the origin and evolution of the human species. João is particularly interested in Pleistocene human evolution, human population adaptation to environmental change and historical human migrations in Europe and the Americas.

João has a vast international research experience in world-leading scientific institutions. After obtaining a degree in Biology and a MSc in Forensic Genetics at the University of Porto, in his native Portugal, he completed a PhD in Evolutionary Genetics at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, in Germany. During his PhD, João focused on studying how natural selection maintains advantageous genetic diversity for millions of years in humans and closest living relatives. After finishing his PhD, he became a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Institut Pasteur, in France, studying the evolution of immune responses in primate species. He then moved to the Australian Centre for Ancient DNA, at the University of Adelaide, where his research focused on Pleistocene human evolution and the genetic history of Europe and the Americas using ancient DNA.

Currently, João is combining genetics, archaeology and anthropology to provide a detailed understanding on the encounters between archaic and modern human populations in Island Southeast Asia, New Guinea and Australia which occurred more than 50,000 years ago. He is also leading several projects to measure the genetic impacts of historical migrations in Europe, including those associated with the Roman, Visigoth, Suebi and Muslim empires, and European colonisation of the Americas.

Research area/theme
Detecting remote historical signal
Peopling Saul
Holocene revolutions
Local diversification
Island Melanesia after Lapita
Relevant publications

Journal Articles

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